Gameflip withdrawal still needs approval after a few days

Hi, I recently sold a gift card and the money pending was withdrawn. But it has been two days and I didn’t get the money to my paypal. I checked and it said the money still needs approval. The first time I took money out if worked fine so I don’t know why is not working this time.

Also my code is G6LRS5, thanks a lot!

I have this problem too
I’m waiting for BTC approval from May 22 that’s trouble :pensive:

@ailadno Same here (since May 17) - It’s about time.

@Leon_Lin I requested my last PayPal-Withdrawal on 2019-06-01 and it was approved 5 hours (so yours might also be approved soon).

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Hey Guys!

If this is the first time you are withdrawing money, it may take up to 7 days to process.
This is an extra precautionary step that our credit card partner, Braintree, does.
Afterwards, it will take typically 2 days. This also depends on your bank and how they process these transactions.

God speed!

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