BTC payout not recived, been in transit for awhile.

Hi, I was a part of the guys that sold a lot of items there in the beginning of October. I believe I was patient when I requested a cancelation on my PayPal withdraw, when that finally happened (at that time my BTC address had been approved). I requested a BTC withdraw (Oct 16-17). I have yet to receive it. This is the first time I am writing a post here on the forum, but some assistant would be grateful. It really has been a long while now. My profile code is: C3APRV

hey. i requested my btc withdraw 17. so 8 days after withraw and still in transit. they have some delay with btc because of bitcoin gold. i dont know how much time we will wait. just patience…

Yea I just read the leaders post from yesterday, you might be right :slight_smile:

but 8 days is too much i guess. i have in transit from 19 oct.

same withdrew 50$ on Oct.16th yet i still didnt recieve the money. It says “in Transit” since like 6or7 days now. It’s getting kinda frustrating right now tbh.

They sent it 30 minutes ago, so yea it all went well and it was about $10.000. So yea should be fine, in the end :slight_smile:

why im not recieved yet ? until now

just recieved mine aswell! I’m pretty sure you should get your money soon aswell!

no im not, i want lisitng before sleep. it usually always this time 1 hour ago. better sleep then