Bitcoin withdraw. Almost 17 hours "In Transit"

Yesterday offered withdraw to Bitcoin. It’s “In Transit” almost 17 hours

  1. What happened? Is it only my problem?
  2. What course of USD to BTC will be used, when BTC will be paid at last? Course of yesteresday, when it became “In Transit” or some new course? For Bitcoin it is very important question

same problem , anyone mod can help ?

I’m not alone!
So can smb help us or just explain, what’s going on?

Already 26 hours “In Transit”. Will anybody answer?

Same here. Maybe they’re waiting for the price to go up. :roll_eyes:

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I don’t want price go up or down. I just wanna get the same amount of $$$ I had in GF acc.
Why GF plays with MY money? Why they don’t go to casino in Vegas with THEIR OWN money?

hahahaha vegas :joy::joy:
I am waiting too . Before few months withdraw was few days so…

I’m not only, who suspect them :laughing:

Hey! Could you please send me your invite code so I can investigate?

We’re are already processing today’s BTC payouts, so yours should have gone through already.

DXKLVH :crazy_face:

Code: 3HHGQM
I don’t see any transaction yet

Hey guys, we sincerely apologize for the delay on your payments.

I now have confirmation from our team that these payments were already submitted, but are in a “processing” state right now. We’re escalating their priority and they should go through in the next few hours.

I’ll keep this thread updated with the latest information on the batch status.

Thanks @op_JOkEr

Mine is 5TF6DF

I have a withdraw “in transit” for more than 24 hours now.
my code: M5A5Y4

+1 Your Code: H3E6R3

Thanks everyone. The funds were released and they’ll soon be on your wallets. I’ll update this thread after receiving confirmation of all transfers.

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All BTC payouts from 11/11 batch should be now funded. Please let me know if yours still show up as pending.

Thanks for your patience :v:

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done! thanks.

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Great thanx

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It makes me laugh how much GF take the piss about messing around with our own money. Should be straight in, straight out. Any other good company makes it instant.

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