Withdraw bitcoin but still nothing in 3 days

Hi anyone of gameflip admin can help me ? I withdraw bitcoin from 13/11/2018 but i it still pending . Please help me !

Recent drop (~15%) cause this delay, don’t worry, they will complete our payouts as soon as btc get stable…

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Thank for fast respond . I want to know when i can got my money . thank you

Let’s not make assumptions yet.
I’m asking the responsible department about it.

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I dont know about you but, Gameflip everytime has paid me exact amount, never less, but sometimes few bucks more. No one know when these drops will occurs, but it’s better to wait for BTC to get stable and then released the funds :slight_smile:

I think it’ll be in your wallet in an hour maximum

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Yeah, it went “In transit” :blush:

See I told you guys to not make assumptions, we doing work here :joy:

Thank you for help

I just hope it was not just placed 'in transit to make it look like there will be a payment while an excuse is being prepared which says 'sorry but due to technical issues we will have to wait till Monday (which indirectly means till the Bitcoin price goes back up). So lets just hope they really plan to pay today.

The bitcoin payments are being sent today.

Let’s see because 3 of the times on which payments were made before already passed. And the latest Ive ever seen was at 12:37 PM PST which is in 32min so let’s see, I hope you are right and I’m wrong.

12 min left.

Please do not flood the thread with your countdown.

He obviously don’t know how BTC transaction are working :smile: Once it’s send, it can take from 15min to few hours to be completed. If you are sending btc from Blockchain adress to Blockchain address or similar wallets transaction might get instant … Once transaction is marked as “In transit” Gameflip can’t do anything to speed it up…

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Oh right that’s why it’s not booked on the blockchain 2h after being marked as ‘in transit’. So it’s not like that it’s possible to move a few lines of codes to just show ‘in transit’, the moment when Gameflip cant do anything anymore is when the transaction is posted on the blockchain which it is not at this moment.

So I was unfortunately right it’s past 12:37 PM which is the latest time I ever saw a payment was made.

As already explained, bitcoin payments are being sent.
False accusations and assumptions won’t help them getting faster to your wallet.

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