Bitcoin payout "In transit" already 12 hrs

My Bitcoin payout “In transit” already 12 hrs.
Is that my problem or common problem of Gameflip?

Your transaction is unconfirmed it should go thru in less then 2 - 3 days. Gameflip can’t do anything rn

You mean transaction unconfirmed by Bitcoin? In that case I MUST see unconfirmed transaction in my wallet. But I don’t see it.
Is it unconfirmed by Gameflip?

The fact is - Gameflip still don’t send my Bitcoins. And I wanna know - why?

yes they didn send bitcoin
i dont know why first time they did it
also they didnt approve flp token withdrawal i think that they will approve on monday

It happened before, they didn’t send BTC in time. But then it was “Pending” status. Not “In transit”

they does not working weekends
weekends withdrawals will be on monday
yes this is first time in transit
they also not allows flp token withdraww now

They HAVE sent btc, and as soon as you get your bitcoin, your withdraw is marked as paid. Since it’s still in trasit that means they are not confirmed by Bitcoin. As I said @LennyPane you will get your coins soon.

in transit mean is not paid
if paid but not confirmed you can see on blockchain that they sent but not confirmed
my situation also same now " in transit" they not sent bitcoin no any records on block chain
i think that they will pay on Monday

I’m afraid, that “In transit” means, that BTC’s quantity already fixed. And if BTC will go down, on Monday we may lost money

P.S. Is here anybody from GF administration? Say smth at last. It’s money. Not toys.

i think they exchanging flp to bitcoin every transaction flp lost own value 14% they dont want to sell flp now cheap i think like this