btc payout still not paid

to be honest I have tried patiently to tolerate the delay due to btg hard fork, and should yesterday’s delay be handled today exactly 6 hours ago. and okay I wait and stay asleep, until I wake up now still not receive. by knowing others have been paid 6 hours ago and @op_JOkEr says “All BTC payouts from October 20th have been fulfilled today.” the facts? no ! I have not received until recently.

this is not a matter of trust or disbelief. it’s about professionalism. with this will definitely lead to disappointment. or is there another reason? this is very disappointing.

I moved from paypal to bitcoin to avoid time delays or problems that occurred before because of the bank or paypal its own. hoping with bitcoin to get paid on time even if there is a problem or something else, and this is what I get, amazingly :clap::clap::clap:

same i have not received it to , i made request 20. Still waiting :frowning:

not just unpaid but my loss of bitcoin rate should be paid on time (normal time + delay notification time) as people who have got it will get bitcoin rate about $ 5500. now bitcoin rate is already around $ 5900 ++.

and im still unpaid, + rate loss + cant re-invest for sell listing
too much loss because of this. i have no idea and no more words. this is just. beautiful

Hey @GuLo, I just saw your PM, I’ll check and answer it shortly.

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im still wait. not yet paid til now

still waiting on mine as well…