Bug on functionally Block user

Have a Bug on functionally block user, you can block user but the user can follow you and chase you. I had problem with some user that tring harms me and he chase with a follow functionally I have block he but he continues recive notifications where I list a item and try harms me

Hey @jojo can you please tell us what the user is doing when he follows you?

This user: https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:7ba64906-b735-4328-9737-e73b0ff1d300

Please check: User try harms me and support does nothing

So after you blocked him, he could still comment on your listings?

Orange B is a known pain the a$$. I had trouble with him a while back. Surprised hes not been banned by now.

No, but he can follow me and recive a notification every moment when I list a item. If I block a person this person should not follow me

He can’t anything by following you though (can’t comment, can’t buy). Without following, he can always bookmark your profile and visit you any time.

Yes but with bookmark he dosent will recive a notification when I list new
item. If the user cant comment, cant buy. Why he can follow? Why he can
notified at every New list? Why he can see your item? This is a bug. The
correct os the user cant follow you, cant notified when you post New item
and cant views your itens when he os logged