Blocked User Still Showing Up in Search

Hi, I was looking through the listings of my search and found a Seller (same name, same picture) that I have on my Blocked User list. This is actually the second time/Seller this has happened.

Same thing is happen to… trying to damage reputation

Sorry I’m new to all of this…GameFlip and forums…what do you mean trying to damage reputation? Isn’t this a Bug on GameFlip’s part for the sellers listing showing up when I blocked him?

Could you send the link of both profiles to me so I can check? (or one if they are the same person) And your profile code too, thank you!

My Profile Code: U9E6MM

Also, can you send us screeshots of your “blocked users” screen?


Screenshot attached

Can you send me screenshots of your most recent search so we can see if we spot any of these users?

I think you saw a previous search (before blocking these users) and found their listings.

Could I be using the term ‘search’ incorrectly? I am talking about ‘Following’. I follow the same category and brand while editing the custom dollar amounts nearly every day. Mandav Chander had a listing that fell within that criteria which is why I created this post because it was after I blocked him but I actually saw a listing again for him since, just before you asked me for my blocked users screenshot. I thought you guys were working on it so I didn’t bother to screenshot it but if it shall happen again, I will send you a screenshot.

Something else that is strange but may be connected is I get notices on my phone for discount/promos and when I have made a purchase but I do not get them for any new listings despite having ‘Notify’ check-marked and I used to get them but now I don’t.

Could you delete my blocked user list off this forum discussion, I’m not comfortable with having my list out there like that.

Could you delete my blocked user list off this forum

There should be a pencil icon on your forum post so you can edit out the screenshot.

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