Sellers banning and blocking

I was hoping this would reach someone higher up in gameflip because it’s becoming a serious problem. Many sellers I have interacted with will threaten to rate you as a negative buyer or block you or ban you from them completely solely because you cancelled a purchase or gave them a bad rating. I understand this feature was introduced to allow sellers to prevent spam and such but a lot of them are going on a power trip and banning people that don’t do what they say. For example, I just recently purchased a game from a seller on gameflip that used ‘ONLINE’ in their username as if to imply that they are constantly online and I will receive my game immediately. However they never contacted me until the next day. That already annoyed me but on top of that, once they sent me the code they included a message threatening to rate me as a negative seller if I rated them as a negative seller. Another seller has permanently blocked me because they gave me a code that didn’t work and I asked for a refund. This kind of behavior should not be allowed on gameflip and I was hoping posting on the forums might get some attention from someone who can make some change.

You should submit a ticket to Support regarding the issue.

I have bought a lot over the past 2 years and it rarely happened to me. Maybe it could be just the different items we are buying.

They are not able to ban people. Sellers only have the ability to block people they do not want to sell to. No one can change that because that depends on the seller themself who they want to block and sell to.

As Gameflip changed the way users can change name, users are only able to change their name once per 7 days rather than being able to change anytime. I’m not sure why they do not remove the ‘ONLINE’ though.
If you see this Online beside name, then it means their available.
I advise buying from people who sell using auto delivery since you mentioned ‘code’
You can contact Support regarding the threatens and provide proof. That is not allowed on Gameflip.

Did you open a dispute?

All suggestions would go to Support and the Gameflip team so it would be best to submit a ticket to Support as well.

You can contact Support regarding that as well to remove the negative rating but the negative rating you gave will remain since the seller threatened you.

Just to reply again to your topic, Sellers cannot ban people. However, sellers can block people.

Gameflip cannot force a seller to unblock someone because it is up to the person who they want to sell to. However, threatening etc is not allowed and therefore you should contact Support with proof.

hi i am newby in this forum but i have a case . i bought itunes and 1 seller give me bad code,
He gave me the money back, but then I can’t buy from various sellers because they blocked me, whom I never had a purchase, that’s not fair, that’s discrimination for just demanding justice!

Hello @RolyPoly,

As @Sparkling_Juice has said, report this to Gameflip Support, and in future, always comment on a listing asking if the person is online, unless the item is instant/bot.

I too use the new online tag, although it is annoying that it can only be maximised to 4 hours. It should be extended to a time that the seller can use.

@mastercadem, I think that blocking people is at the sellers discretion. If they choose to block someone, they can. Also contact support to make sure this is correct.