Blocked from seller Question

Hey all, semi new here. I purchased a digital code from a seller Gamekeys in the Switch section of the site. I paid for the game and then about an hour later, I got an email from the seller saying I requested the sale to be cancelled, which I never did, and then I seem to be blocked from actually buying from that seller. Any way to find out why or what happened? I can’t seem to find anywhere to message the seller. The thing is that seller posts a lot of stuff I actually want to purchase, so I’m a little peeved that I got blocked for no reason. Again I never requested the sale to be cancelled, so maybe it got mixed up with another account, no idea.

Thanks in advance.

Is the transaction under review?

My guess is the seller had a issuse and couldn’t provide the item so they cancel it.

I can’t answer why the seller would block you because I am not them. I can only guess the seller was worry about being scammed. I’m not applying that you are scammer. I’m just saying the seller was maybe worried being you’re semi new.

Lucy :heart:

Not saying this seller is one of them, but I just wanted to let you know that there are some sellers that expect the customer to buy, activate the code, complete the transaction, and rate him positively, all in a matter of 10 minutes.

And if you dare to disappoint him in that manner, he will block you so you can’t buy from him ever again. Yes this actually happens around here believe it or not lol.

My recommendation is to never buy from such people that don’t know how to run a business.

I agree with @BlackEdition
Some seller will tell you in the description to rate them immediately after buying after you used the code.

These seller give you a few minutes to use the code and rate them and if you don’t they will block.

@gameongreggy I’m little confused now. Was the seller auto delivery or they will send it in private chat after you bought it once they’re on?

Lucy :heart:

Not under review. Also I never even got a code, it wasn’t instant, it said ships in 24 hours or whatever the terminology is that isn’t for instant. I bought a digital code, Octohedron, then about an hour later I got an email from gameflip saying sale cancelled, and the seller, just threw out a sentence for the reason “buyer requested I cancel”, which I didn’t and he/she posts a lot of digital games on the nintendo switch section, so I assume they are reputable, but for whatever reason I’m blocked from purchasing anything from them. If I try to it throws up an error message, something along the lines of seller has blocked this item. Overall I didn’t do anything wrong, just trying to figure out what happened. If I can’t purchase stuff from them so be it, just making sure it’s not an error or something I did.

I don’t think chat, maybe not sure, it wasn’t instant, I’ve bought instant stuff before and after this issue. This was within a 24 hour period I think, like I said below, the seller selles a ton of stuff on the Switch Marketplace, so I assume they have a decent reputation.

He didnt get the code so this is not the case. He probably looked over his feedback and stuff and just decided to keep it safe and cancelled it or he had some issue and he just chose that option instead of the other 1s