Seller blocks me for no reason...

I was buying a lot of codes from this guy

Everything was perfect

And here i am, just another day, was going to buy a couple more games from him, but…
Just like that… for no reason at all…
“Blocked by listing owner”

Can anyone help me? ^^ Like, message him and ask him to unblock me? ^^

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Anyone? :cry:
Id pay for help :sob:

Did you give him a neutral rating?

Rated positively every transaction… pretty much right after using key…

My last purchase from him

And that ended with

So… no idea why im blocked now :cry:

Not sure if you’ll be able to see it:

Anyways if you’ve really not done anything wrong Elsa will most likely unblock you. Perhaps it was jsut a wrong click of a button or something like that (the block button is right next to the follow button). I’ll get back to you when (and if) she replies.

Thank you! Thank you!
No matter how he responds. Thanks!

Im going to send him ur profile id in comment and tell him to unblock u this happened to me once with an annoying seller that kept writing stupid comments on my listing so i spammed his listings with much stupid comments and i got blocked :joy::joy:

Thank you! Really, thank you a lot!

At least in your case, he had a valid reason to block you :joy:

But im not a rival seller and didn’t spam any listings :persevere:

Hi there. He just sent a message saying that you have been unblocked!
Have a nice weekend and good shopping! :slight_smile:


This gameflip community is small but really helpful I hope it never get toxic (but i want it to be bigger :joy::joy:)

That reason for blocking me tho…
So… asking for a small discount when buying 3 games… is what got me blocked…
And that was my first time asking him for a tiny discount :frowning:
Thought id try too… seeing that everyone are doing that… He could’ve just said “no”…

i like that seller too, im sorry you got blocked :frowning:

I got blocked by this seller as well. I asked a question on a listing and was blocked. It wasn’t anything malicious or anything. So bummed because I’ve bought a few things from them and wanted to buy a game today as well. :frowning:

That’s a bit unexpected that he’s such an a-hole…
Well, now we know…

They were selling F1 2019 and someone else asked which version it was. They had replied they would refund if it wasn’t the SE. I replied asking how many codes they had. I have a friend who reviewed it and received 3 codes. But another friend got an early copy and one code. The 3 codes was the SE and the 1 obviously the regular. They deleted the original post and put up a new one and blocked me. Bummer because I wanted to buy the game and they are the only ones with a code. :frowning:

Can someone ask him to unblock me please? He’s the only person selling the game I want and he still has it. Thank you!!

Could perhaps you ask a partner or family member to create an account and buy it that way?

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90% of sellers on gameflip block us because some of us can’t rate inmediately
I think they are on the gray area of the market, stolen codes or weird stuff

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