Banned by seller for no reason?

Hi, I enjoyed this seller’s offerings and left good feedback. Just found out today that the seller banned me. Would like to know why?

Here’s her profile:

Josiele seifcvvfgghh



The seller cannot ban anyone. If you mean that you can no longer buy/comment on their listings, it is probably due to a block.
Sellers can block people. It’s up to the buyer/seller if they want to block someone. Gameflip cannot stop that.

Maybe you could get a friend to help you ask. We won’t know the exact reason.

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yes, that would be it. no idea why she blocked me :frowning:

is there a way to contact her after a block? wouldn’t mind apologizing for hwatever reason… she offers good discounts.

Some code sellers block buyers if they don’t complete the order and let it be completed automatically after 3 days. This could be a reason if you didn’t complete the order.

I completed it right away though…

Sadly not that I know of. Can try to ask through other people I mentioned in first reply

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