Banned by seller for no reason?

Hi, I enjoyed this seller’s offerings and left good feedback. Just found out today that the seller banned me. Would like to know why?

Here’s her profile:

Josiele seifcvvfgghh



The seller cannot ban anyone. If you mean that you can no longer buy/comment on their listings, it is probably due to a block.
Sellers can block people. It’s up to the buyer/seller if they want to block someone. Gameflip cannot stop that.

Maybe you could get a friend to help you ask. We won’t know the exact reason.

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yes, that would be it. no idea why she blocked me :frowning:

is there a way to contact her after a block? wouldn’t mind apologizing for hwatever reason… she offers good discounts.

Some code sellers block buyers if they don’t complete the order and let it be completed automatically after 3 days. This could be a reason if you didn’t complete the order.

I completed it right away though…

Sadly not that I know of. Can try to ask through other people I mentioned in first reply

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Looks like another seller banned me. Why??? After I bought an item from them, I get banned so I can’t purchase from them again.

Are you sure you are confirming transactions?

Yeah confirmed and even gave good feedback

I’ve found out why these sellers were blocking me. Because they were not able to scam me by draining the cards. I usually use these cards and don’t give the sellers any chance to scam me by draining the cards.

I believe these sellers are preying on gullible Gameflip gift card buyers who would keep the gift card around without checking.

Here are some negative feedback: Marry seifcvvfgghh - Gameflip