So got banned out of nowhere?

So I’ve been with you guys for about 3 years now always sell the same stuff than out of no where banned with all my money taken away like I dident even do anything wrong I never sell a account or any beta code so it dosent make since also I’m still getting sales and if I can’t log in I’m going to get canceled orders and bad reviews so why people are still buying stuff from me and can’t even get on my account I’m getting bad reveiws cause I can’t give them there items and you guys charged me just recent for a pro subscription that I can’t even use can’t even get the money off my account!

When you try to log in there should be a message with the reason for the ban, and there should also be an email and SMS with the reason. To ask support about it you should fill the ticket form so they can identify you.

Edit: There is no longer an email and SMS when someone is banned. But you should be able to see the reason and ban duration when you try to log in.

Is says for either selling accout. Beta code or forbidden item or stolen is dosent say what I sold cause I’ve been selling the same stuff for 3 years now and never had a problem before I sell the same as everyone else also I never got a sms from them

Also how am I post to stop people from a till buying stuff from me cause there’s no way to deliver the items and they just keep buying I’m going to get bad reviews because of this

When someone is banned, their listings would be sent to draft. Are your listings still visible?

Yup people are still buying things that’s the big issue I have like 9 things people bought and they keep buying and commenting

Heres a link to my page.

Last night I reported someone for selling a account and sayed on the report “selling account on this post” do you think that they thought I was telling them I was selling account? Even though I was reporting someone else

They also just charged me for my gameflip pro subscription even though I can’t even use my account…

What is this listing

Are you just using gibbed to create and sell things? I’d guess that’s what is getting you in trouble. It actually looks like most of what you are selling is just created with free game editors.

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There’s 10 other people that do the same thing and never get in trouble what’s the difference it’s not on the rules about selling that been doing it for 3 years and on the front page they don’t care about in game items so that’s not the reason

It dosent make since anyway since I’m still getting messages from buyers and people can still buy from me the even redeemed another pro subscription so it couldent of been banned gameflips just bugged

Hello @Austin_Krause,

I just checked your case and unsuspended your account. I apologize on behalf of our team for any issues this have caused.

Let me know here (tag me here) if you need any help again.

Thank you.

@DunnBiscuit they did it again saying I was exploting a credit system like I don’t even know what that is can you please tell me what’s going on and why my account is not letting me in it’s not making sence I’ve been selling the same stuff since day one and I have no idea what a credit system even is no one getting back to me

Please help me no ones helping me