Account banned for false reasons

I just got banned for no reason, no warning. What is the problem with Gameflip, cracking down on sellers with thousands of ratings without any negative or neutral feedback.

Can a moderator here help me out?? They say I got banned for either of the following.

" Conducting sales of forbidden items such as accounts, beta codes, random codes, counterfeit items and/or stolen items) "

However, I have not attempted any such thing at all. Not a single such ad I have advertised like that


Hello bro!

Random Keys Are forbidden on gameflip, its your first ban ? if yes Please Go to Gameflip Support and tell them to give you chance!


It is indeed my first ban. However I have not given out or sold any Random Keys. So I dont understand what is the reason they banned me. Or what is the proof or reason.

Also, I had 12 orders that I was to deliver, what do I do about that?? I will get 12 negative feed back right??

@adam_saber are you a mod here?


I wish i can be, so i can help some peeps here but i’m not a mod at moment But they will help you if that your first ban they will give you another chance!

@adam_saber thanks alot

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You are very welcome!

Hello yousafzafar!

Could you please provide me your invite code or PM me your email?

Let me take a look into your account and see what I can do.

God speed

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Thank you so much. My issues have been finally resolved.

That’s awesome to hear yousafzafar!

Glad we were able to help!

Have a wonderful day :wink:

God speed!

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@DarkKnight can you help me I got a first time ban/suspension and I have approx 3000$ in the account my profile code is ZU1EWS. I have over 500 plus sales no bad ratings one neutral. if I am banned on here forever is their a chance you guys can reopen my account for withdrawals of my rent money that I was gonna use

Hello @Zeeky!

I have already answered you in the following topic:

Please do not spam post the same issue into various topics.

Godspeed! :trident: