Blocked by seller for no reason

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Hi. I have been blocked by a seller for no reason.Can someone message the seller and ask him please?

My profile code is ELT53F and name is Arun Maheshwari.

Seller name is: San Marino.Photo below:


I think its different seller.Mine is San Marino and urs is San marino 1 and picture is also different.

Can u pls message him or comment on one if his gift cards posting.He is selling lot of “Target” giftcard.


Blocked people are on block list for reason. No unblocking.
Ty , @Ramy_TEXO


I want to know the reason.Why i was blocked.Nothing else.


I will keep reason for my self

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Are you the same seller?Thanks

Yes its me . close the topic

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Cool. No problem.