Need help contacting buyer

Hello all, reaching out to see if anyone can help me contact a seller that I use to buy from. Long story short, I had bought giftcards from them and waited till the last day to rate and complete the transaction. I did not mean to make them wait, but I have been burned in another transaction where the seller would request a refund from Apple as soon as I accepted this on gameflip’s end.

The seller’s name is 4vousher and mine is ZaPpA_721. I would hope someone can send them my message and have them unblock me and give me another chance as I am truly sorry. I know they are trustworthy now and will complete the transaction within the day.

What the reason to block you ? you didn’t complete the order?

I did complete the order, but it was on the very last day. I thought buyers had up to 3 days to complete the order, so I did not think about it at the time. I normally complete the same day, but as mentioned was burned before.

  • Yeah, it says if you buyer doesn’t contact you for 4 days the order will be completed by gameflip, if buyer contact the seller he can simply accept the order and rate the seller so the seller will get paid, so i think that’s the reason why he blocked you.

This is actually common for sellers to block buyers who leave delivered sales open for all 3 days. Puts us on edge a bit.

I also block buyers that decide to leave my sales pending after delivery. If your online to receive the items I sell than you surely have enough to head back to the app and approve the sale. I don’t care to make the money immediately but once I deliver my items I feel the buyer is just as obligated to mention that they received the items/purchase.