easygifts - A message to this seller that blocked me

Since I can’t contact him in the store in any way I thought I’d put it here in case he reads the forum.

First of all, im fine with you blocking me because believe it or not it’s your loss. I have paid over $200K in this platform and any seller would be happy to find a buyer as stable as me. In this dangerous digital market, it’s always better to sell to one genuine and trusted buyer vs 100 random buyers that may be scammers and cause you headaches and losses.

I understand that you have the right to block anyone you want if you don’t wish to do business with them anymore, but is there a reason why you did that? I have other sellers to buy from regularly so it’s not the end of the world for me but it still bugs me because I can’t understand your way of thinking if this business relationship is bringing you free money. (insert a confused head here)

To all the readers:
Me and this seller have been doing business for months and I bought over 22x$50 gift cards from him and made no disputes whatsoever even for the cards that were actually BAD, and I always rated his listings positively, so it baffles me! I also tried to ask him some questions over the months inside the listings that I bought but he always ignores them so he generally offers bad support. He also pushes you sometimes to rate his listings and I was truly fine with that, but I just realized now that he didn’t rate me back for any of those listings! I honestly can’t believe the logic in their thinking and the way some of these sellers operate their businesses lol.

This is my profile in case he doesn’t remember me:

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