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Hello Flippers,

The NFT category is now available on Gameflip, including NBA Top Shot! Browse available listings now or sell your collection!

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You should add the option to list veve nfts.

Please add veve nfts they are very good and will bring a lot of excitement to the nft market on gameflip

Hello @Drizzy!

Thanks for the feedback.

We will verify the possibility of adding Veve :wink:

Thanks again and have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident:

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Alright thank you I believe veve would be good for gameflip because they are the only nft platform that have contracts with brands like dc, powerpuff girls and a lot of these well known animated character and gameflip is geared towards peope of younger audiences while nft platforms like axie infinity and nba topshot are not well recognized by the gameflip community but im sure if you ask someone if you asked the entirety of the gameflip platform if they knew who/what batman is 80%+ would say yes. Veve also has confirmed contracts with 100+ brands one of them including the nfl players association so we will be seeing nfl players in the future, thanks for your time.

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