Buying with gift cards

I verified my account, I bought a visa vanilla gift card, and I want to buy something with it. I registered through the website by putting my zip code, so I should be able to purchase online items, but when I press buy it says “SYSTEM_TECHNICAL_ERROR: Transaction failed because of payment processing failure.: 606 - This transaction is not authorized due to restrictions by your bank. Please use a different card or contact your bank for assistance” Please somebody help me, first I want to know if I can buy items with a gift card through game flip, and if I can what’s the problem?

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Has anyone responded to you? I need help as well

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I’m not sure about that. I did buy something with a prepaid card before though. Giftcards probably not if it doesn’t work for both of you.

Suggest that you contact Support about it if no one replies you here.
Support always replies so you probably will get your answer there.
Link to filing a ticket to Support below

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