Can I please talk to a mod about my ticket?

Is there a way I can talk to a mod PLEASE I been trying to get help for over a month now and I keep getting bot replies or something. PLEASE I need help badly, the help at gameflip is honestly one of the worst I’ve seen, they literally know nothing.
Ticket: #496254

Hello @Siv_Lim,

I have verified your issue and can see that we have explained to you the situation a few times.

In this case, for us to take any type of action, we need further proof to guarantee that the codes that were provided to you were the ones that caused issues on your account.

We are not able to help out anymore without proof. This is the standard procedure and we need to guarantee that the codes you obtained from our seller on Gameflip, were the ones that gave you issue in order to take action.

God Speed! :trident: