** For The Love of God a Mod Help Please**

Hey, Everyone, I have Noticed GameFlips Support and Ticket Support Is Absolutely Ridiculous Whenever I dispute Maybe a Purchase I have Never Gotten A solution or Refund Within 1Week They always Make you wait for an Agonising 2-3 Even more For someone Before even looking at your cases I have Two Outstanding Disputes because These Sellers gave me Amazon Codes That Don’t Work And also I have provided all the Proof and I need this Money Can someone Pm mods or Something because This has gone on Long enough The sellers haven’t replied back to me For like 2+ days each And not getting a response back from the Two Separate Sellers Can someone Check this out Please Would mean the World I Shouldn’t have to Wait weeks Like come on Serious Talk No way anyone should have to.
Profile Code BUT6RM
Order IDs c92f3c59-26ec-4172-a906-83aaf93e6fff I have submitted a Ticket For this one #522880
Order IDs e1a57a12-790b-4bd0-8a12-02ed1352b50e
Please, Anyone, Help Eh Fellow Out Spare me The wait Gameflip Forum has been Helpful on some occasions I must admit but when you really Need the Help And don’t Receive it Does leave a Mark On someone’s Thoughts.
Kind Regards Sohail Hussain Thanks To anyone**


as personally i never seen admins not answering for this long as i didn’t see them cooment for bet so i guess it’s doe to the holidays but u will mostly got to wait for the support on the dispute or u can open ticket and email the support they mostly answers u back in 3 days

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Hey RIP wait times are going to be absolutely Painfully Lol Now I guess I just got to wait now until they cancel the order to miraculously favour in unresponsive sellers I appreciate All the help Baaziz Thanks for replying and helping me Has made me feel a tad better that there are people out there Have a good one :ok_hand::sunglasses:

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@DunnBiscuit Would Mean A lot If Youse Can Help me Out :slight_smile: (Doubt it Worth a Long shot)