Can I ship to other countries?

I live in Puerto Rico (island in the Caribbean) and I have sold games and sent them to people from the US and I got the money. But can I ship to other countries and still get the money

Hey, unfortunately you can’t. Physical items are only shipped within the US and Puerto Rico.

Thank you!

So this site only supports items being sent from other countries to the US, but not recieving items from the US?

Good question, want to know too.

Hello @danielroxheaps, I think you didn’t understand me. Let me try this way.

You can only send and/or receive physical items to/from any state within the US and Puerto Rico.


So those are currently the only available places right now? Because I am
from New Zealand and am interested in purchasing.

Hey @danielroxheaps, for physical items yes. Only the US and Puerto Rico.


OK, cool, thanks.