First time use, cannot ship to Canada ?

Well, i am pretty deceived since i wanted a Vita game but your website seem to only ship with USPS inside USA. It too bad since i live in Canada. I did jumped out of the 99gamers ship just before it hit’s iceberg and i don’t trust too much those small website, at less you don’t use fake currency. Well, if it cannot ship this game to Canada, nothing else seem interesting. I mostly buyed my 120+ Vita game from the PSN store in sale and only has 16 physical game. Might be not coming back if it don’t work.

So is this website region locked to USA or not and if not, why cannot it ship the game i want ?

No answer after 36h, i don’t consider i would be coming back.

@Yukito_Atari Sorry for the late reply. We’re catching up on reported issues from the weekend since we work Monday through Friday.

Currently, Gameflip only supports physical sales within the United States. Digital content is available internationally but make sure whatever you’re looking to purchase isn’t region locked. If there’s any doubt, please feel free to ask for region lock details in the listing comments. Thanks!