Cancel a payout

Hi, i just did a payout through bitcoin then i released i’m not stasified to finish it, how can i cancel it please ?

Can you please send me your invite code via PM so I can check whether it can be cancelled?


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i’am not able to send you PM bro ! ithink because i’am new :confused:

any other way please to contact you ?

Just paste your invite code in this thread and the mod will help you. If you keep browsing the forum and reading threads for 15+ minutes, the private message feature will be visible by clicking on someone’s icon.

thnx man i’ll try to do that

can u reply on pm plz, i sent u my invite code :slight_smile: i hope i don’t get paid till you cancel it for me cuz that would be too late after :frowning:

At this point, I’m afraid nothing can be done. Your payout has been already lined up for the next payment batch.

haven’t paid yet bro…

That means it will be paid in the next batch, not that it was paid already.
Next batch process tomorrow at 10am PDT