Cannot deposit FLPs from wallet to etherdelta?

Why am I unable to transfer FLPs from my wallet to etherdelta?
If you look at my etherscan,
you can see that gameflip butts in and fails the transaction before etherdelta can finalize it. Why? And how do I get around this so that I can sell my tokens? I’m noticing that all the transactions like this, and not just of mine, are failing:
This purchase was mainly for experimental purposes to make sure that I know how to complete the cycle of trading. An explanation would be appreciated. Did you lock the tokens? When will they be tradable? Thank you.

Hey for more information regarding our FLIP token please acces the page below: and contact the FLIP support team by clinking on the “Start Chat” blue button. Then shoot your questions over there.


I found this help article regarding transfer of FLPs: