Can't add funds to Gameflip Wallet

I am a reseller I buy digital keys and sell them to people in my country and Gameflip is the best place to buy these keys. However I am unable to add funds to my wallet using PayPal (I don’t have a card) because it says “Address couldn’t be verified” AFTER I checked out on PayPal. No money was deducted from my account though. When it happened for the first time I went to the verify tab and verified my identity(which has been approved) but I can’t verify my phone because PostPaid sims aren’t common in my country. We all use prepaid sims and I have done the SMS verification thing too. I opened a ticket with Gameflip they replied and asked me for my billing address I gave it to them and they haven’t replied ever since. The ticket has been open for 12 days and I haven’t gotten any reply I have pinged them twice regarding my ticket. I would be grateful if someone looked into it and solved the problem quickly because I want to be a regular buyer.

My invite code is: UAP7KK

The ticket ID is: #380366


I just answered your ticket.

Thank you!

And I just replied. I don’t understand the whole process can you please explain that?
Also, do I have to verify and all that if I try to add funds using a Debit Card?

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