Can't Change Display Name? *Urgent*

Hello, I am an avid gameflip seller and I often use my display name to show whether I am online or offline. I understand you can do this through the mobile app, but sometimes the app doesn’t load. I recently changed my display name to “Online” without knowing that you can only change your name once a week? It says I am eligible for name change on 1/24/20. This is an issue as I am only online a few hours a day at this point and many of my customers will believe I am ready to deliver their items. If I am not allowed to change my name, could a moderator take the (Online) out of my display name? It would be extremely helpful and will prevent many cancellations. I will no longer use my name as a status, but I need urgent action on my name tonight if possible.
My Code: 6UBBHS

Thank you

Please look over this thread

You can use the Android or iOS app to change your online status.

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Sick. I’m simply cancelling everyone’s order that complains I’m not immediately available.

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