[SELLERS READ] New 7-Day Cooldown When Changing Display Name

Hello Flippers,

As a continued effort to reduce abuses and scams across the Gameflip platform, we’d like to announce that this week we will implement a 7-day cooldown for Display Name changes. That means when you change your Display Name (Settings / Display As), you will not be able to change it again for the next 7 days.

I always change my Display Name to show if I’m [ONLINE] or [OFFLINE]. What to do now?

A few months later we have introduced the “Online / Offline” feature in the Gameflip app. To set your status to Online, do the following:

  1. Download the Gameflip app (iOS or Android) and log into your account
  2. Tap the menu icon (upper left corner)
  3. Tap the Online/Offline switch and choose how long you’d like to stay online for

How can I know if a seller is online?

Sellers who have set their status to online following the steps above will get an “Online” tag underneath their profile picture in the listing page, like shown below.

What are the benefits of using the “Online / Offline” feature vs changing the name to “Online”?

For sellers

  • Your listings will get a higher relevance score from the sorting algorithm when you’re online using the feature
  • While you’re online, your listings can be easily found by buyers using the Online listing filter
  • The app will send you instant push notifications when buyers message you or make a purchase

For buyers

  • You will get faster responses from sellers whose status is Online
  • You can filter listings exclusively from online sellers
  • With a stricter rule for changing names, sellers who attempt to scam will be more vulnerable

Of course, we are always open to discussion and would like to hear your opinion about this change. Feel free to comment below if you like or dislike this change and why.

Keep on flipping!


Well this feauture is not really accurate since you have to manually put the online status. there’s no big difference between adding “ONLINE” to your name and changing the status with the app.
coulda been better. good work

imo people may forget to change their name to show that theyre offline when they actually go offline. Also, when you use the app, you can get mobile notifications of what is happening with your listings or whatever so i think pushing everyone to use mobile will help buyers actually see who is online. Since the maximum duration is 4 hours, it lets users know who is more likely to be online and who isn’t. If a seller wants to stay marked as Online, they have to physically do so from the app other than just leaving it on their name for however long they want. Otherwise, I could put ONLINE in my display name and forget about it for days and buyers will try to spam to get a response. I don’t think Gameflip has notifications like mobile (i.e notification from top of screen, vibration or ring, some sort of popup) so I don’t think it’s bad. The app even gives you a notification when your online status is going to expire.

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i said there’s no big difference, and i said coulda been better:! i didn’t say it’s bad or it’s the same as changing name. but adding 7 day cooldown for changing display is just bad just for this reason.0.
sellers use coupon codes sometimes for display name to help the buyers more…
so yea i don’t think 7 day cooldown is a good thing

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I am referring to your point of the feature being not accurate. Cooldown is something I don’t necessarily agree with like you also feel but I feel that the Online status thing created and implemented by Gameflip themselves is more assuring to buyers than changing your display name to include ONLINE. Like the original post suggests, the biggest change this feature gives is assurance. Changing display doesn’t exactly do that.

For the display name cooldown thing, I propose a change: for verified sellers you could change the cooldown duration to no cooldown to 1 day cooldown and keep the 7d for non verified. If a verified user were to scam and get banned, my guess is that they can’t make a new account and be verified again. Like @kakarotto01 said, I don’t think a 7 day cooldown makes a lot of sense. I just don’t think verified users should be hit with a 7d cooldown like everyone else since they’re more likely to be trustworthy users of the site.

Good change! this will help in reducing the number of scammers. I would even vote for increasing the cooldown to something like a month.

Now for those that aren’t too happy with this change, I never understood why you would have the need to change your name hourly/daily? If it’s because of the online/offline thing then you have the new feature that’s been available for a couple of months now (although they need to add this feature for desktop/browser users too because not everyone uses the phone app).

So yeah im against giving users the freedom of changing their display names whenever they feel like it. Some websites even have this policy where you can NEVER change your display name, or you can only change it by contacting their support team, and some even make it only possible to change it once a month/year. Only a person with bad intentions would be looking to change his name frequently.

When will this be starting

Looks good. I’m assuming the online sorting won’t affect Bot and Instant Delivery code trades?

It would also be nice to be able update the status via PC as well as I do most of my work from there and only really use mobile for Steam confirmations on coordinated transfer items.

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This is a small addition but a nice one , i suggest also adding a cooldown for listing the same item to prevent spam

I always wanted to ask the same question

When will it fully take effect, I still see people changing names left and right

The 7-day cooldown when changing your display name will take full effect today, 1/15. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Hi! Could you take the OFFLINE out of my display name? I wasnt aware of this 7 day cooldown. My code > BDGWBN

@op_JOkEr @MajorTom @DarkKnight

Can i have 1 last chance to change my name? code: SXW4W9 i stay offline for 1 week in my name :frowning:

They gave everybody a heads up a week in advance.

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Code: YT4U5T same problem , i set in name offline when going in bed and now can`t change it( any solution ?

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, we are not able to change the Display Name.

In this case, you will have to wait for the 7-Day Cooldown to change the Display Name again.

God Speed! :trident:

Not true at all,I never changed my store name but I would put my current status next to it,such as away at store,or at work till 7am,or whatever the situation may be to let my customers know when I was online or when I wouldn’t be,i think verified sellers like myself should be allowed to do this as we have a bunch of regulars that check this constantly to see if we are available or not

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