Can't message seller.

Hello everyone, I’m trying to message a seller to ask about an item I purchsed but when I click the button to message them it just brings this up and I can’t send anything. How do I fix this?

Can you post a screenshot of the whole page? Use a paintbrush program to cover personal information like names and IDs.

What was the item that you bought? Is it only happening for this one purchase, or were you never able to message the seller through the exchange page?

As a workaround, you can try viewing the website with a different browser, or use the Android or iOS app: ☰ > Purchases > click on your order > Contact Seller

I forgot to mention that you cannot message a seller after the transaction is completed. That is why the message box is blanked out. The sale is final/non-refundable after both of you rate each other, but if you need further help you can create a support ticket

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