Need Help Messaging A Seller

Hello. I’m trying to message a seller, but I don’t see a message button. Can anyone help me out? I have the basic badge as well. I go to the profile but it doesn’t show the message button.

You can either comment on a listing in the comments section and the seller will be notified or when you purchase an item you then have the option to message the seller privately through that listing.

You cannot PM anyone through their profile.

Thanks. But the seller says to message him before buying, and I don’t have enough ratings to comment. How can I contact him?

That’s a good question. I’m unsure of the requirements to post comments.

@DunnBiscuit maybe you can help.

Maybe he just wants you to message so you know if he’s online or not. Some sellers put that because they get sick of people getting mad at them for not being available immediately.

You could buy and message after if you’re not trying to negotiate.

Or wait for Dunn to reply.

Unfortunately, in this case you need the ratings to contact him.

Please build up your reputation and then send him a message.


Aftrer you buy were EXACTLY is the message button and what EXACTLY is a basic badge and do you need it tomessage your seller

Hello @Wessell61906,

Once an item is purchased and the order is waiting to be delivered, you just need to go to “Purchases” from the side menu and then click on the item you bought (order screen).


From the order screen you will see the following chat box in which you will be able to contact the seller:


Regarding the Gameflip Badges you can verify more about them here:

Also, you do not need them to contact a seller, but you do need to have at least five positive feedback before being able to comment on a seller’s listings. If you purchased an item, them you will be able to chat with the seller freely from the order screen until the order is complete.

God Speed! :trident:

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