How to message people

I have a listing that someone commented on, asking a question. I don’t see anywhere to message or respond to the guy to answer his question. Where do I g?

The comment box/button should be at the bottom of the listing. Are you using the website, Android app, or iOS app? Is it an item listing or a gig listing? Could you give a link?

It’s on the android app and it’s an in game item listing. I can see the comment button but no way to respond to his comment he left on my listing. Would commenting on my own post let him know or something?

There is no “reply” button, you just post another comment to respond. If you want to be clearer you can write “@username” to indicate you’re responding to specifically that person (in case your listing has multiple commenters).

The person who commented on your listing should get a notification about your (the seller) comment.

Oh ok thanks

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