Gameflip Messaging System

I have only looked on a few listings so far and they all have the new contact button next to their name.

Seems our suggestion was made!

I will show the button from one of my listings:


hello, how do You do? I don’t have that option

When you’re logged in you cannot see the buttons on your own listings, only someone else’s.

Are you looking at someone else’s listing and cannot see it?

I am looking at someone else and cannot see it, using app and website

I only found it yesterday so I am not too sure on it.

Contact Gameflip Support and they might do something.

I can see the contact seller feature only on my safari mobile browser but not on the app or chrome mobile browser.


I was wrong on that, the seller would just have to enable the messaging feature, if that helps answer your question :grinning:


Just received my first message! This feature is awesome! Usually people comment on my listings, which can be a bit frustrating, so this helps so much! Great work!


I agree.

I’ve had a lot of messages with a customer and it’s a lot easier to message each other than comment on a listing.