How to use messaging here?

Hi, i am almost 2 months old here and i always reminding my customer/buyer to message (messaging) me here once they want to make a custom listings etc, and there’s a lot of my customers keep buying same person again and again, i have ENABLE MESSAGING and still no unknown messages from any buyer’s, and i am trying to explore some seller/buyer here how do i contact them directly? they only seeing in their profile are “Follow” “Block” “Report” where is messaging here and how can i use it? anyone can provide a screenshot how does feature work thanks

Does gameflip staff playing around?? that’s why i see a lot asking discord name, whats app, skype etc, you guys created messaging feature here to stick a communication inside gameflip but it seems doesn’t work well, my buyer end up keep commenting on my listings to ask some question rather than messaging me directly!

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Hi, based on my knowledge, “Messaging” is currently only for Gigs , not normal listings.


Hello adamnatalie04,

Our team is still working for a better messaging system between buyers and sellers, so we will keep you guys posted.

Since we had many scam attempts related to the user’s communication, then we need to review every aspect of this messaging system.


Alright, thankyou for your replies i appreciate it i was just confused that’s why, cheers

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Am I correct that even though the Gameflip Help section suggests contacting a seller with questions prior to purchase, there is no way to contact a seller prior to purchase? I’m going nuts trying to find this mechanism and would appreciate knowing for sure. Thanks.

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You can contact a seller via comments under their listings. However, you will need 5 feedback in order to do so. That is in place to prevent new users from trying to scam or do something else like asking to contact out of Gameflip.

How do i start a topic??? And are you online??? @TrueGift

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Go to ‘New’ then just click create new topic.

You can check when someone is last online on Forums. Seen ‘Date’

Messaging is very weird, sometimes it lets customers contact me for messaging but sometimes it does not, it doesn’t make much sense to me.

Ok, it’s 2021 and apparently still no private messaging capability. You can’t even look up another user on Gameflip. I just got a request from Gameflip to remove my Discord handle from my profile – which I did – but there’s still no way to talk to potential buyers outside of the comment section of a listing. I don’t want to negotiate prices or field random questions in public. Why does Gameflip insist on forbidding messaging outside of the platform while not providing an alternative? I’m not looking to sell outside the platform, but there needs to be a private messaging capability.

Yeah, I just had a buyer comment on a listing asking, “What can I get for $100?” I don’t feel comfortable negotiating in public because other buyers read those conversations and then want the same deal. I have a different relationship with different buyers, so the price is not the same for everyone. This is incredibly frustrating. Gameflip should either implement a private messaging capability or authorize people to use other means. Once a buy is initiated, I can message on Gameflip so that there’s accountability, so I don’t see what the issue is.

Hello everyone!

We thank you for the feedback and I would like to inform that our team is currently analyzing the messaging function to see what can be done ok.

So stay tuned to future updates :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

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