How does Gameflip chat function work ?


as a regular trader i often need to discuss a deal, prices, titles, quantity with a seller on gameflip before agreeing on custom orders or on bigger orders.

however most times it is difficult and apparently only option is to post comment to listing which is seen by all users …

is there any option to use the Chat / message with seller function ? i see button / menu exists …but doesn’t seem to work …or am I doing something wrong ?

thank you for help
(due to lack of chat…even if we trade only on gameflip for payment processing, protection and reputation and respect … we still have to discuss with traders via 3rd party apps since we cannot chat in gameflip … )

it would be more helpful to you also to have monitoring and logging of the discussions between sellers…

thx for any info


Messaging is only for Gigs if it hasn’t changed.

You can submit your suggestion to Support.

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thank you for clarification ! … this explains why it wouldn’t work as i was expecting :slight_smile:

well … i guess gameflip will implement it maybe for normal traders also one day. i have faith in them and their development of the platform ! <3

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