Can't remove first image of my listing

Recently I noticed that if I create new listing it is impossible to remove first image of this listing, so main image of listing is always the same standard picture. Even if I add new pictures, they are going as second, third images which is not main and never displayed to customer (unless he decide to scroll pictures inside the listing).

Do you guys have this problem ?

The first image is loaded here. No problem with him. :wink:

Having the same issue here, been that way in like 3 days or more… i reached gameflip helpdesk but i just recieved an email they will look into it.i dont expect they will message me again anytime soon regarding the issue… i thought it was due to a not compatible OS, but already switch from mac and windows and also different browser and same issue. Probably some account is affevted and not all voz im still seeing some seller seems able to edit theirs…

Hello everyone!

Just like @Imelior informed above, on that screen before you fill out the listing information, you are able to change the main/first image.

Also, currently, you are able to change this first/main image on the Gameflip Apps (Android/iOS) and we are verifying to add this same function to Gameflip web.

God Speed! :trident:

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