Pics won’t show in listings

When using app to post listings the photos will not show up. Why is this??? I don’t have a laptop and it’s very frustrating why is this happening?

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I mainly post using laptop. I have just tried posting a listing with my gameflip app on my phone and the photo showed up. (I do not know why yours aren’t showing up) but my opinion below

Just some questions I think may help. (Just my Opinions)

  1. Have you tried multiple times and all attempts fail?
  2. Are you using the same photo throughout all the attempts?
  3. If so, try another photo.
  4. Is the photo your using captured using gameflip? (Like it prompts you to take a picture when you add one.) Or your using an existing photo

Also some extra questions -

  1. Is this your first time posting using Gameflip Mobile?
  2. If not, did you do anything different from the last time you posted? (The time where it worked If the answer is No to Qn 1)

If you can’t find the reason, I suggest asking support.

Because we probably won’t know why if those questions didn’t help you as I can upload photos via phone just fine.

Good luck.


Hi thanks for the response.

I’ve used my phone only (iPhone 6 and 7) since I started selling on Gameflip. Have over 2k sales. This problem started happening once the app got updated a month or so ago. It works from a laptop but not my phone.

I will go and post a dozen or so listings for all different items using different sources ie via Gameflip camera or uploading a screen shot.

I will try emailing them direct thank you!!! My code for my store is 68ARJE. The first 3 pics I just reposted using a slow as heck laptop. But if u check my store u won’t be able to see any pictures once you click on the listing.

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Could you put your store link here?
I’m just a regular buyer/seller so I can’t search your store with your invite code. I might have an idea why if I can see 1 sample of what you meant by photos didn’t show up. Because there might be a few cases -

  1. The photo did not show in at all.
  2. The photo shows up as a blank photo
  3. The photo shows up when captured but did not show up after listing your item

Yes, best is to contact support so they can help you with it. I have tested it again via my andriod phone and the pictures did load (I took picture via the Gameflip camera) When I tried to add a picture.

If all your photos do not load, then really have to wait for the respond from support.

Good Luck!

It’s an issue with iOS ive had it too. Fixed it by changing my pictures completely

It could be a size issue also are you resizing your images to Gameflip recommended size 640x640

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