Who's the great Programmer after this

Hello Gameflip, I registred about 4-5 days ago, after trying to authenticate my self with a selfie(Photos of ID and stuff), I got reject, thats rly not my problem , but for gods sake why there is no upload options to upload photos, second why the hell is everything vice versa, there is no options to zoom in or out, so its hard to take a sharph photo. there is no option to use front or back Cam.

It’s rly sad that Such a greate site has those stupid problems.


I’ll make sure to pass these suggestions to the team!

Are you using the Android app or iOS app?

When you take a picture using the Gameflip app, there should be two buttons. The big one is the snapshot button, the other is the upload button. Does the upload button not appear on your app?

With the upload button you can upload selfies and zoomed photos you took using your phone or third party camera apps.


Thank you anyway guys, I will try my best

Were you using the Android app or iOS app?

Next time try taking the photos then uploading them to your PC. The gameflip app is a bit lack luster compared to the official site.