Low resolution pictures/problem uploading pictures?

I’ve been having issues with the in-app camera function when making listings. Whenever I try to snap a picture with it, the result a super pixelly unreadable image. I’ve been trying to get around this by taking pictures outside of the app, and then uploading those better quality images. When I actually list the item though, none of the pictures I selected show up in the listing. Is this a known issue? Currently using an Alcatel Idol 3 5.5, with Android Lollipop 5.0.2.

Hi Jurrassic, there has always been a problem with the in app camera. ive never had a clear image so i never use it anymore. i always take pics and use them from my gallery when uploading the images. as far as none of your pictures loading up i dont understand why they wouldnt. my pictures load up fine with no problem. even when i list all 4 pictures
I would wait for a response by a Gameflip team member to further assist you in that problem. But sorry for your inconvenience when listing the items.

Yeah, it’s a little strange. Went ahead an sent a support request. Tell me something Vincent. Do you use an microSD card, or some sort of external storage with your phone? I’m wondering if the problem might be something dumb like the app looking for a default storage location, but not finding it because I’ve moved it onto my SD card.

[Edit] - That might actually have something to do with it. Now that I’ve switched storage from “SD card” to “camera”, my pictures will now upload some of the time? Like, if I select 4 pictures, maybe two of those will actually show up on the finished listing.

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hmm that is weird. but yes i do have an sd card and i have all my pics saved under sd card. and they all work fine. i cant use the camera function that isnt sd card on gameflip obviously since it will be pixelated. At least you are getting somewhere

I think the issue varies with different phone & Android version. A work-around solution is to use the Web version as that seems to work better. The downside is you have to transfer the pics to your desktop.

Thanks TheFuBar. How do you sign into the web version? I assume you mean this page:

Maybe I’m being dense, but I’m not seeing where the option to sign in is.

No, go to https://gameflip.com and use the SAME sign-in method you use from the App. If you use FB on the app, use it on the web. If you use Google on the app, do so on the web, etc.

First off I would just like to thank everyone’s help with other members issues, etc. This definitely goes a long way and greatly appreciate.

Unfortunately the API that we use for the in-app camera has never been the best :unamused: I have a S6 and still doesn’t comes out lower quality than what is seen in the initial image on the screen. This is because there are so many different variations (OS & models) vs iOS.

I too would recommend checking out the web client and uploading images this way.

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you are very welcome kind sir.

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