Digital Uploading & Posting Nightmares

Hello Gameflip community! I hope all is doing well! Today I am here to bring up the issue of uploading and creating listings.

Whenever I create a digital listing or copy one of my sold listings, the Gameflip uploader always creates another copy of that photo and adds it to my library. Why? This is unnecessary. We already have the original. For sellers that only sell a handful of items, this is not the biggest problem, but for large quantity sellers, like myself, we go from having 250 photos to 500~700 photos (because the uploader has a mind of its own and replaces certain photos or “eats” the photo so that it doesn’t show up at all).

Which brings me to the next key issue. The Gameflip listing creator has a nasty habit of replacing photos with a default stock image the first time you post the listing, and as a result, the first photo you upload is completely gone. You would have to edit the listing, delete all the photos, save it for later, copy the listing and upload all the photos again in order for it to display correctly, if you’re lucky. If not, you would have to do it again. Please do something about this bug.

Lastly, please add in the function for us to be able to reorder our photos when we edit our listings. Why is it that we only have the option to delete the photo?
For example: When I create a new listing, I add 2-4 photos. After I post it, the order of the images get mixed up or some of the photos disappear as if I never uploaded it. Now I have to delete all the photos and upload them in the right order again because I can’t simply add the missing ones and reorder them.

Gameflip is an excellent app with amazing customer service and protection! I only want the best for it and I hope we can take a step forward in the right direction, not just for more users monthly, but for sellers as well.

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I’m assuming you’re talking about the Web site and not the mobile app?

The reordering photo idea is definitely a good one. There’s simply no reason to remove & re-add the photos.

I can see why most people don’t want to use the stock photo to make their listing stand out better.

@ModernRetro Thanks for bringing this up and I want to better look into this issue. Can you please email Support with screenshots of the step by step process you do in order to achieve these issues so I can understand better what’s going on and submit it over to our engineers to see what they can do.

@TheFuBar I am strictly talking about the mobile app.

@BurTheFly I will screenshot the steps on my phone and send them in for review.