Cant verifty Phone Number -- Help please

Trying to verify my phone for very long but I never get the message on my phone with the codes.
Please assist me.

Especially, Mr. @DunnBiscuit

NOTE: I am in India. My ID Code: G5WMHS
Also sent an support email a day back but it doesn’t have my phone number included.

I dont think India numbers are supported

Hello, can you send me via PM screenshot of the issue so I can check it further?


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Nothing happens… once requested for OTP, the OTP is never received on my phone !

I had same problem ,but PMed moderator so they removed phone and was able log in :slight_smile:

Please i need to contact the moderator but i don’t know how ?

Hey bro , please i reloaded my balance with 200$ but i can’t find it it’s maybe pending or something can you please help me and make it available i really need it as soon as possible.

@DunnBiscuit Mate pls assist me !

If you sent me a PM, I’ll check it pretty soon. If you didn’t send, please send me one.

Thank you.

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