I can't verification my phone

I try many time for verification my phone on gameflip
They do not send me code
My code 3WR4TV

Where are you from, some of countries are blocked right now, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia etc etc.

Also contact support of gameflip for further help New Ticket(click me)

Other phone number got this problem

Code number come after 3 hour but i got this problem can’t active

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Try again in few hours

Problem still here

Help me remove problem

Ask @DunnBiscuit for help or submit ticket on link above.

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For now you will need to wait a day or two so we can be sure that all codes were sent to you. Then, please try again one more time and wait for the code to arrive.

If you are in a hurry, please try using another phone number.


After 24 hour
You can remove problem?
My code : 3WR4TV
Thank you


Unfortunately not I’m afraid. I’d recommend you to try using another phone number to register your account. Also, you might try to create a new account and use thios phone there.