Categories of $10 or less, $25 or less

these would be great categories to have. that way buyers on a bind can find items in their price range.
so hopefully that would be a great idea. i know one time you actually add a $10 under section but it dissapeared.

Fantastic idea. I would like to see this, will make it easier to search

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We actually did have these categories up in our “popular games” for a bit :slightly_smiling: We just took them down to add in other titles and search options. We felt that since we introduced the Browsing preferences, that this could easily be used to search just items under $10, etc. But we may add the category back from time to time.

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yeah i know but i feel most people wont use the preferences and if we do we want it for a specific system not all of them.
and would be great to have it back or able to choose category and console.

Very true, and hopefully with the web client, it’ll be much easier for this to be searched for :wink:

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so far the web client has been decent on searches. so thats good.

That’s great to hear!