Changing my password problem.

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I would like to change my password on Gameflip for higher security but the problem I signed up with Facebook and I log in to Gameflip with Facebook and I tried to press forget password option on log in page but it doesn’t send neither an email nor text

I can now normally log in with Facebook only but I would like to have higher security by changing my password

What about changing your Facebook password in this case?

Once you’ve created an account using a third-party service for login, your credentials remain 100% linked to that third party.

So do you mean it’s not possible to change the password for Gameflip only.
Well, I would really apperciate it if you would help me to change my
password for Gameflip.
Honestly, the reason is i don’t trust Facebook and I think it could easily
I wish I knew this before I signed up.

Unfortunately you can’t change the password of Gameflip accounts created via Facebook or Google :tired_face:

You should be fairly safe by using 2-step authentication on your Facebook login:
Read their help article to understand better how to activate it: