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I’ve had a Gameflip account for a couple years now I believe. I used it a ton at first, then stopped, but came back and used it more, and took another break. Now, I have more items in-game I’d like to sell, so I’m back to the service. I’ve run into an issue in which I’m told “Login Failed” when I try to sign in from the app or my computer. I’m told by the app to submit a Help Center ticket, but that requires my Invite Code, which I know I cannot see unless I’m signed in. The reset password option does not work for neither email nor text, though I have access to both. Another user had this exact issue, found in this thread Account access problem. Please help me resolve this.

PM @DunnBiscuit About can’t get your invite code he will help you with it.

Put random numbers/letters in “Invite Code” field in format XXXXXX , example 2D8K1L

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It doesn’t accept random codes.You will see “Invalid Invite Code” Error.

Did you try using forget password on both the site and the app or did you only try using one of them?

Are you using Facebook or Google to login or a username?

Try putting AAAAAA as your invite code
This code should work and they will use the email to look into your account for the login error / getting your invite code.


Private messages @DunnBiscuit your email / phone number used on the account and ask them your code and give them a run down of your issues.

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