Chronological order payouts? Are you sure about that?

I withdrew money on October 9th at night. Here’s what I withdrew. I have read several occasions where people who have cashed out several hundred dollars on OCTOBER 10TH have received their money. Why is it that I haven’t received my $2100 payout, while others who cashed out large amount AFTER me are receiving theirs? My paypal is verified, I did everything properly, etc.

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same here cashed out a few hundred $ on the 9th and no payout while i see others from even the 11th who have received money.

I’m still waiting on $1,400 from the 10th while a friend of mine got his money 2 days ago and he requested it after me. I don’t get this site.

Yep I private messages @op_JOkEr about this and claims their account are “probably older and more verified” than the ones awaiting payments from the 9th. Getting really irritated reading about everyone cashing out who have requested cash out a full day after mine as my orders sit “awaiting approval.” My patience is running out.

Hi j1smo. There are still thousands of requests to be fulfilled. Again, I apologize for the wait and we’re still depending on Paypal to speed up further the process.

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but shouldnt ALL payouts from the 9th be done before the 10th starts? seems a bit weird to me

Not necessarily. The majority, yes, however some sellers might have higher reputation in our system due to previous amount sold and account age, which could lead to an auto approval of their payouts.

This is not likely to happen with large payouts.

how much longer should we expect? It has been a week now, which should be the maximum amount of time it should take.

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Can you explain in more detail?

You can send 1000 masspayments at a single time. PayPal system reads the file, and processes all payments pretty quickly (not to mention you guys make a profit on us cashing out!!). Definitely not more then a few hours. Are we waiting on more funds deposited before you can send paypal payments? Waiting on a 3rd party to send the payment after you tell them to? What exactly?

Is the bottleneck waiting on staff to review each cashout? There is more information then I believe we are being told. I work closely with a website that sends just as many daily payments, or even more as you guys, and nothing has changed in months on the timeframes.

Hey sorry this isn’t true. I have over $700 worth of payments waiting, but I was able to cash out $1.88 today.

Still waiting on my cashout as well.