Payout requests.

Hi, I just wanted to create this post to publicly ask if the payout requests will continue to be worked or we have to wait till monday to get paid?

I know we all will get paid and that we only have to wait for it. But i do wanna know if i would get paid today to do my purchases or if i have to continue waiting for the next monday.

Hope you all have a nice day ^-^

Obviously I dont know it for sure, but normally banks & paypal handle this stuff on weekdays only, so the safest would be to wait until monday. Hope that helps a bit if you dont get an official response.

PayPal can do transfers anytime so that wouldn’t be a problem from it. So i
guess it depends of the bank and if they work on the weekend. Thank you for
your answer!

Could you clarify this, please? @op_JOkEr