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Can you guys add a way that a buyer can message a seller or seller message a buyer prior to purchases so like you could click on someone’s profile and there would be a button that says like send message and you could communicate back and fourth

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Hey Scott_Rubenstein,

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Yea, that’s a great idea! I will keep that noted for future updates :ballot_box_with_check:

For now, you are able to chat with the seller and other users through the listing comments and with the seller, during the item exchange process.

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I asked for this before but got no response. Actually there is an option to let let buyers message you before buying but it’s off by default so no one knows about it nor use it

Messaging is working now but it is way to bad that you cannot actually go to a persons profile that messages you. Why is that?

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Hey @ISLaYnEI,

Could you provide us an explanation regarding your point of view so we can better understand what the issue is?

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Hey Dark, so originally when i posted that i thought that there was no way to click through to the profile of the person you were messaging with. I was pointing out what I thought was a lack of functionality because I had clicked everywhere that I thought would be a link to the profile (the avatar, the actual message) and nothing happened. However since you asked for an explanation i went back a looked at it one more time and to my surprise this time I actually noticed that there is a banner at the bottom when you pick a person to message with so i found the functionality I was looking for however I will alter my my criticism from “lack of functionality” to “UI that could benefit from a better layout.” FYI this criticism is focused on the desktop/browser version of gameflip since that is what I use however the mobile version also has the banner located at the bottom. Having the banner that you are able to clickthrough to the user’s profile located at the bottom is not a good idea because it gets lost below your conversations and pushed below the the fold after you have enough people in your message list. It might be ok if you have only had 1 or 2 people message you but once your message list gets longer the banner is out of sight and anyone who might not have noticed it before might not realize that it is there unless they scroll far enough. I’ll attach 2 pics, the first screen is what I see when my messages page first loads up and the second is me scrolling far enough to see the profile link banner located at the bottom.

screen 1

screen 2

Hello @ISLaYnEI,

Thank you for the explanation and feedback regarding the matter.

I’ll make sure to pass along the suggestion to the team and see what we can do ok.

Stay tuned to future updates :wink:

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Hello sir Messaging is not work in IOS

Hello @espace1989!

I have tested on my end and it seems to be working.

Could you please verify once again?

Also, are you on the latest version of the App?

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Yes sir I have the latest version, It works for me in the web but not in the app