Credit/Debit card expiration year 2021 missing, cannot buy with the option

I can’t buy what I want because when I try to add card it, there is no 2021 option for the expiration year box.

hmm that is weird. make sure to contact gameflip directly from the help section and tell them under a technical issue. It may take some time for them to see it on here, so make sure you send them a direct email. Hope all goes well.

I did that 2 times, 1st one all they asked for was a screenshot which I sent, 2nd one they haven’t responded. I’m tired of waiting for them to fix this. I want to buy now now now!!!:rage::rage:

Im sorry to hear that bud, hope all gets worked out for you. Do you have a paypal? i believe they might accept that but not 100% sure.
If they do just pay via your card on paypal.

I think the issue is fixed with their website now.

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