Today, On some item, i can't select Paypal/Credit Card But "Add fund".

i am in japan, always paid with my “credit card” on Gameflip.

But Today, when i tried to buy some Gift Cards, on some item ($300 things),
i can’t select “Paypal” / “Credit Card” ! (But “Add fund”).
Why ? is it only for me ? Bug ?

Anyone there ?
it Looks i can select Paypal/Credit Card only for below $100 item.
Can’t select Credit Card with $300ish item.

This secret Limit is…only for me and my Credit Card ?

Hey, no.

Purchases above $100, you will need to add funds first and then purchase the item. For values below $100, you will be able to purchase using your card normally.


Thanks !
i didn’t know it.
Should be shown on Payment options window. like (e.g. “up to $100”)

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