Adding Funds And Payments

I don’t understand why I have to add $100 in funds instead of being able to use my paypal if I want to buy something above $100. Even when I tried adding over $100 in funds, you would have to make 2 separate payments to add in funds and it charges an additional 30 cents fee which is ridiculous. Why make it like that? No one is going to waste their time and go through that process just to buy stuff over $100. In that case, sellers will lose potential customers.

This is how our system works for quite some time now and we don’t have any complaints about it.
If you can come to a good reasoning, we can discuss this further.

Thank you.

@DunnBiscuit I want to buy a giftcard for around $120 but I don’t want to have to add funds into the account because if I end up buying and it turns out the code doesn’t work or if it’s a scam and the order gets refunded or canceled. I would like to have my money back in my PayPal and not in gameflip funds because then I wouldn’t need it to buy anything else and I would lose $120 if you know what I mean.

Thanks for nothing. Item is now gone…

Anything under $10 or over $100 you need to add funds to your Gameflip account to buy them.

Please don’t be rude to the moderators

They answered you question. There nothing they could of did to help you.

Gameflip Help Page
If you’re new to the site please visit this page to understand how Gameflip works.

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Reread this. Also I don’t see how I’m rude. If anything, you are for thinking I am.

They answered your question and you said thanks for nothing.

Anyway have a nice day.

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BPYYG4 is my invite code

BPPYG4 is my invite code. Please help mod.

Bro all I need is help with my funding I’ve been waiting for over 12 hours